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Expert AC installation services in Lafayette.

Most homeowners in and around Lafayette may wait for their air conditioners to be on their last leg before replacing them. Did you know however that an ac replacement can have plenty of benefits that often outweigh their initial cost? Whatever the reason for installation, getting a qualified technician to perform the service is critical to keeping your system working efficiently and effectively. At Peterman Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, Inc. we are your Lafayette AC installation experts. From sourcing the unit for your home, to installing it according to manufacturer specifications, our technicians are the best in the business.

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Lafayette, IN air conditioner installation services

5 Signs Your AC Unit Needs Replacement

An air conditioner that fails to turn on can be the most obvious sign that your unit needs replacement, but did you know there are a few more signals to be on the lookout for? They include:

  • System Age: Air conditioners, like any appliance, have a regular life expectancy of about 10 years. If your air conditioner is older, and it’s not working as well as you’d like, replacing it may be the best option.
  • Constant Repairs: Most homeowners will opt for repairs as their solution of choice, but at some point, regular repairs can outweigh the cost of a new system. If you’re having to call for service on a monthly basis, consider a new air conditioner.
  • Inability to Cool Home: As air conditioners age, they weaken, from regular wear and tear. This can translate into an air conditioner that no longer has the ability to cool your home. Similarly, if you’ve made additions to your home, a new ac unit may be needed.
  • Energy Consumptions: Your ac is one of the larger consumers of electricity in your home. However, constant spikes on your utility bill can actually be a sign that your air conditioner is no longer working properly.
  • Rust or Moisture: When air conditioners age, they may begin to break down physically. If you notice water pooling under your air conditioner, or signs of rust on its exterior, replacement should be the best option.

If you have questions regarding your air conditioner replacement, our technicians at Peterman Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, Inc. can help. We offer a full-service solution that includes finding the correct ac unit, installing it to manufacturer standards, and performing any maintenance as needed.

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Professional AC Installation Services

There are various reasons to trust a professional with all your AC installation needs. When you work with Peterman Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, Inc. we will help you find the perfect air conditioner for your home needs. This is done by measuring the size of the home, the existing ductwork, and making sure that the unit you have can keep you cool even during the Lafayette summer months. We back all our work with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and are even available to perform maintenance on your air conditioner to ensure that it continues to work for years to come.

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